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GE Neon Sign, Circa 1950
The Mark Woolley Collection of Vintage Radios 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Puzzle by Dan Feyer / Edited by Will Shortz

Adding GE to the tail of five familiar phrases to form unfamiliar phrases constitutes the interrelated group of this friendly Tuesday crossword:

SPACE BARGE (17A. Garbage scow that docked with Mir?)
CHARLIE CHANGE (20A. Swapping out Sheen for Rose?)
BREAKING BADGE (35A. Boy scout’s reward for karate)
ORIGINAL SINGE (54A. Caveman’s injury after discovering fire?)
EVIL TWINGE (59A. Feeling when one’s voodoo doll is poked?)

Other — BREWSKI (18D. Cold one), GARDENIA (38D. Fragrant white flower), HEPCAT / ZOOT (21D. Cool one, once; 16A. Kind of suit worn by a 21-Down); I BLEW IT (34D. “My goof!“) and ORACULAR (3D. Providing hints of the future).


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Anonymous said...

The browser button you push to express your outrage at Mr. Tureaud's mohawk.
E gadget

a desire to visit an ancient Sumerian city
Travel urge

How you feel when your mom makes you wear a hat to school
Have a high dudgeon

What the natives of Khartoum do when frozen water is described to them
Prejudge ice

Urge the Clydedales to pull
Draught budge

What raccoons do after knocking over your trash can
Garbage binge

A desperate request for a Romeo on Craig's List
Lothario cadge

How Long John Silver adorned his foot before falling while trying to pull his ship
Slipped on a kedge

What the tourist went for while hunting for an inn in an Israeli city
A drive in lodge

Where you don't want to be when you see a boat carrying a load of pesky biting insects
Amidge ship

Where you are when you see tailless cats with their fur falling out
The Isle of Mange

What Mr. Wilson felt after allowing the trespassing Dennis in
He rued the impinge

What the President did when he summoned the Homeland Security Secretary about invading terrorists
He had Tom Ridge

What she did before the judge after eating all the fudge and promising never to do it again
Guilty pledge

What he will do to that weedy grassy stuff in his lawn, but it never works
Razor sedge

What he rode down the hill after slipping while hammering ice crystals
A snow sledge

What Justice Taney said when badgered about his judgement on Mr. Scott
Don't dredge it up

What the young bird did when a snake approached it's nest

Hair dye for a crazy monk?

What the office worker got after substituting a bogus diagram in his rival's Powerpoint presentation

What the bride said after yanking up the groom's underwear in a fit of pique after suddenly deciding to call it off before the altar
I thee wedge