03.01.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Tidal Basin, Cherry Blossoms, 
and the Lincoln Memorial in background 
on Ohio Drive, Washinton, DC, 1922 postcard.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Puzzle by Ian Livengood and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. 1987 #1 hit with the line “Yo no soy marinero, soy capitán”, LA BAMBA; 8. Throwback, ATAVIST; 15. Samsung Galaxy Note rival, IPAD AIR; 16. Go-ahead for un hombre, SI SENOR; 17. Forward to some followers, RETWEET; 18. Curt chat closing, KTHXBYE; 19. Where Melville’s Billy Budd went, ASEA; 20. Hubble sighting, NEBULA; 22. Jesse Jackson, for one: Abbr., REV; 24. Like some double-deckers, OPEN TOP; 28. One’s own worst critic?, SUPEREGO; 32. Put off, TABLE; 34. Dayton-to-Toledo dir., NNE; 35. Subjected to venomous attacks?, SNAKE-BITTEN; 38. Four roods, ACRE; 40. Pawnbroker, in slang, UNCLE; 41. Travel safety grp., SADD; 42. Modern device seen on a bridge, GOOGLE GLASS; 45. L.A. law figure, ITO; 46. Take a little hair off, maybe, SINGE; 47. To date, UNTIL NOW; 49. Den Delivery, LION CUB; 52. Beats by DRE (brand of audio equipment); 53. One picking up speed, say?, SENSOR; 55. They’re game, FOWL; 59. Sack dress?, PAJAMAS; 63. Dish often served with a tamarind sauce, PAD THAI; 65. Disc protector, DVD CASE; 66. Carrier with a pink logo, T MOBILE; 67. Like some stockings, FISHNET; 68. If it’s repeated, it’s nothing new, SAME OLD.

Down — 1. Turkey tip?, LIRA; 2. Burlesques, APES; 3. Moderate, BATE; 4. Norton AntiVirus target, ADWARE; 5. Tina Turner’s real middle name, MAE; 6. Welcome message to international travelers, BIEN VENUE; 7. Danza, e.g., ARTE; 8. Invite to one’s penthouse, ASK UP; 9. Proof of purchase, TITLE; 10. Ghanaian region known for gold and cocoa, ASHANTI; 11. Needle or nettle, VEX; 12. Having five sharps, IN B; 13. SOY milk; 14. III, in Rome, TRE; 21. Novel groups?, BOOK CLUBS; 23. They make quick admissions decisions, for short, ERS; 25. Ink, TATS; 26. Come by, OBTAIN; 27. Openly admitted, as in court, PLED TO; 28. They sometimes lead to runs, SNAGS; 29. Straighten out, UNCOIL; 30. Italian brewer since 1846, PERONI; 31. Blood members, e.g., GANG; 33. Fund, ENDOW; 36. Spirit, ELAN; 37. Emmy category, informally, BEST DRAMA; 39. Food brand originally called Froffles, EGGO; 43. Photog, LENSMAN; 44. Cry with a salute, SIR; 48. Ignored, LEFT BE; 50. Fade out, CEASE; 51. Like loose stones, UNSET; 54. Decides, opts; 58. OHIO Drive, thoroughfare by the Lincoln Memorial in Washington; 57. Modern posting locale, WALL; 58. Produced stories, LIED; 59. .doc alternative, PDF; 60. Bird: Prefix, AVI; 61. The Clintons’ degs., JDS; 62. Cousin of “verdammt”, ACH; 64. Suffix with official or fan, DOM.


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