01.31.14 — Let's Do This Thing

Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate 
a Second Before Awakening (1944) by Salvador Dalí


Friday, January 31, 2014

Puzzle by Chris A. McGlothlin / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “No more wasting time!”, LET’S DO THIS THING; 16. Pixar, e.g., ANIMATION STUDIO; 17. Was just getting started, HAD A LONG WAY TO GO; 18. Some foreign friends, AMICI; 19. Union STA: Abbr.; 20. Breathers, LUNGS; 21. “Dawson’s Creek” star James Van Der BEEK; 22. It’s a state, BEING; 234. Unduplicated, SOLE; 25. AL’S Toy Barn (“Toy Story 2” setting); 26. Parked cars, VALETED; 28. A Kennedy, TED; 29. Fix, NEUTER; 31. Makes a fuss over, with on”, DOTES; 33. What Sports Illustrated ‘s annual Swimsuit Issue has a lot of, AD PAGES; 35. Marker’s mark maker, FELT TIP; 39. Bottom line?, X AXIS; 41. Cruise, VOYAGE; 42. Professional org. with a “healthy” balance sheet, AMA; 45. Musical instrument for a geisha, SAMISEN; 7. MASH unit, COT; 48. Pioneering map publisher William RAND; 50. 1998 film in which Donny Osmond has a singing role, MULAN; 51. One on the staff?, NOTE; 52. Thin as A RAIL; 54. Romanian capital, LEU; 55. Albert’s sitcom co-star, GABOR; 58. Numbats, BANDED ANTEATERS; 59. Washington report starter, I CANNOT TELL A LIE; 60. Charm, CAST ONE’S SPELL ON.

Portrait of Shaumonekusse, painted by Charles Bird King circa 1822. On display in the White House Library

Down — 1. Caribbean capital, to locals, LA HABANA; 2. Cloisonné, e.g., ENAMELED; 3. Sets things straight, TIDIES UP; 4. Trash talk, SMACK; 5. “Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening” artist, DALI; 6. Tribe of Chief Shaumonekusse, OTO; 7. It hang around trees, TINSEL; 8. Immobilized, HOG TIED; 9. Needing, IN WANT OF; 10. Grp. That’s got your number?, SSA; 11. Texting ta-ta, TTYL; 12. Many Rwandans, HUTUS; 13. Defensive reply, I DO NOT; 14. Nitpick, NIGGLE; 15. Gave a boost, GOOSED; 22. Practice test?, BAR EXAM; 23. Square things, GET EVEN; 26. Setting for “Ocean’s 11”, VEGAS; 27. Actor Alain DELON; 30. Strain, TAX; 32. Home for E.B. White’s Wilbur, STY; 34. Pose as, SIMULATE; 36. “Live más” sloganeer, TACO BELL; 37. Classic song that begins “When my baby / When my baby smiles at me”, I GO TO RIO; 38. “CSI” star William PETERSEN; 40. Few of them were made after 1929, SILENTS; 42. Source of the word “admiral”, ARABIC; 43. One of two in a rumba, MARACA; 44. Pineapples: Sp., ANANAS; 46. Prepares, as some mushrooms, SAUTES; 49. “If I DIDN’T Have You” (2001 Best Original Song Oscar winner); 51. Kind of star, NATAL; 53. “Leading With My Chin” memoirist, LENO; 55. Air force?, GALE; 57. Slip into, DON; 58. Grp. With the 1971 gold album “Pictures at an Exhibition”, ELP.


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