03.09.15 — Board Game


Monday, March 9, 2015

Puzzle by Debbie Ellerin / Edited by Will Shortz

BOARD GAME (62A. Entertainment found at the start of the answer to 17-, 21-, 27-, 45- or 54-Across) clues the main feature of this Monday crossword:

RISK TAKER (17A. One living on the edge)
LIFE RAFT (21A. Need on a sinking ship)
TROUBLE AHEAD (27A. Ominous outlook)
SORRY, CHARLIE (45A. “Fraid not”)
CLUE ME IN (54A. “So what’s the stor

Other — ALAS and “WOE is me!”(33D. “Ah, so sad”; 41D.); Yogi BERRA who said “When you come to a fork n the road, take it”; ÉCLAIR (20A. Patisserie pastry); FUEL and TESLA (22D. What an electric car doesn’t need; 3D. Electric car maker); HOBOS (19A. Bums); HOORAH (10D. Old-fashioned “Yay!”); IRS and LIMES (39A. Org. that may garnish your wages; 38A.Garnishes for Coronas); SARDI (67A. Noted Big apple restaurateur), SNIPED (40D. Took potshots); TIARAS (18D. Miss America toppers).


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