03.03.15 — Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S Thompson by purposemaker, available on Deviantart


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Puzzle by Kristian House / Edited by Will Shortz

Hunter S. Thompson is the main subject of this Tuesday crossword:

JOHNNY DEPP (18A. He played one of the lead roles in the film version of 50-55-Across)
GONZO JOURNALISM (23A. Writing style popularized by 35-Across)
HUNTER S THOMPSON (35A.. Author of 50-55-Across)
FEAR AND LOATHING / IN LAS VEGAS (50A and 55A. See 35-Across)

Other  CUDDLE UP (10D. Get cozy together), GENTRY (8D. Aristocrats), HAD A GO (1D. Tried), HELL NO (3D. “Not a chance!”), HO-HO (1A. Treat similar to a Yodel), MERTZ (41D. Neighbor of the Ricardos on “I Love Lucy”), SKYLAB (9D. Space station that crashed in 1979), U S STEEL (26D. Company that built the Unisphere for the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair), X-GAMES (49D. Event featuring motocross and snocross).


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ESP? Thought experiment? I expect Einstein would find that hilarious.