03.19.15 — Volumes

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Puzzle by Todd Gross / Edited by Will Shortz

Four familiar phrases doubling as imaginary encyclopedia volumes constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword:

BACK TO BASICS (4D. Encyclopedia volume on education?)
MADE TO MEASURE (17D. Encyclopedia volume on tailoring?)
NEXT TO NOTHING (7D. Encyclopedia volume on poverty?)
RAGS TO RICHES (21D. Encyclopedia volume on wealth accumulation?)

Other — CLEVER (8D. Quick), ILLICIT (47A. Prohibited), JERUSALEM (10D It would be a “crown of glory in the hand of the Lord,“ to Isaiah), METACOMET (41A. Indian chief called King Philip), MY SHARONA (32D. 1979 #1 hit whose title is sung with a stutter), PAY TV (20A. Where to watch some boxing matches), SELBY (1A. Actor David of “Dark Shadows”), SNOW (54D. White sheet), TIM BURTON (30A. “Alice in wonderland” director 2010), UNHINGE (43A. Drive crazy). 


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