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The temple of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
 in downtown Salt Lake City is seen illuminated in late January. 
(CNS photo/Jim Urquhart, Reuters)


Friday, March 27, 2015

Puzzle by David Kwong / Edited by Will Shortz

UTAH STATE (31A. University suggested by this puzzle’s black squares) and eight black squares evoking the shape of the state of Utah, along with TABERNACLE CHOIR (19A. Temple Square group founded in 1847) and LATTER-DAY SAINTS (47A. Young followers) constitutes the interrelated group of this Friday crossword.

Other —  A LA MORT (16A. Quite ill, in Lille), BEATS ME (1D. “I dunno”), BIG MAC (1A. Sandwich introduced in 1968), CONESTOGA (20D. Prairie transport), DEME (49D. Greek township), Agatha Christie’s “Peril at END HOUSE,” ION BEAM (53A. Ray gun ray), ISOTONE (34D. One of a group of atoms having the same number of neutrons but a different number of protons), PEACH PIT (9D. Part not used when making a cobbler), SHANKAR (36D. Big name in Indian music), STINK AT (52A. Do poorly), STOOLIE (51A. Police reporter?), TASSELED (32D. Having some strings attached?), TWEEDLE (55A. Entice with music), USED TO BE (31D. Was).


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