03.23.15 — Madly


Monday, March 23, 2015

Puzzle by Michael Dewey / Edited by Will Shortz

MANIA, MADNESS, FEVER, CRAZE and FRENZY found at the ends of the following answers constitutes the interrelated group of this Monday crossword:

KLEPTOMANIA (17A. Compulsion to steal)
MARCH MADNESS (23A. What a bracketologist is caught up in)
CAT SCRATCH FEVER (37A. 1977 hard-rock hit by Ted Nugent)
FASHION CRAZE (48A. Miniskirts or oversize sunglasses, once)
MEDIA FRENZY (59A. What a major scandal results in)

Other  ART HISTORY (28D. Subject that includes Goya and Gauguin), BICKER OVER (11D. Squabble about), CZAR and IVAN (56D. Old Russian autocrat; 44A. “Terrible” Russian autocrat), FLAIL (26A. Swings wildly), French W.W. I general Ferdinand FOCH, GO GRAY (46A. Age, and not try to hide it), KAYAK and OARS (64A. Boat with a double-bladed paddle; 18D. Rowboat rowers), MADLY (6A. One way to be in love), NUDIE (50D. Movie whose genre is taking off?), OZARKS (47D. Missouri mountains).


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