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Sunday, March 29, 2015

“California, Here I Come”  — Puzzle by Alan Arbesfeld

The abbreviation for the state of California (CA) affixed to seven common phrases to form uncommon phrases with justifying clues constitutes the main feature of this mundane Sunday crossword:

STREAMING INCA (23A: Ancient Peruvian using Netflix?) 
CAST ELSEWHERE (33A: "No fishing here!"?)
DEEP SPACE CANINE (51A: Dog whose rocket went off course?) 
YOU MAKE ME WANNA CASH OUT (65A: Comment to an annoying blackjack dealer?)
REALLY BIG CASHEW (82A: Part of a jumbo trail mix?) (for you youngsters out there, that … is an Ed Sullivan pun … here, this should make it clear:)
BACALL HANDLER (97A: Agent for Bogart's partner?) (for you non-sports fans, this is primarily a basketball term, used of whoever's, uh, handling the ball)
THE LIFE OF PICA (111A: "12-Point Type: A History"?)

Other — BARRETTE (3D. It holds a lock in place), CORNIER (78A. Less deserving of a laugh, say), CRASH DIET (16D. Cause of a great loss?), EUCHARIST (75D. Catholic rite), NYALAS (59D. Spiral-horned antelopes), PERSONA (32D. Projected image), PRESSURE (13D. Force divided by area, in physics), RED HEADS (82D. Thomas Jefferson and Calvin Coolidge, e.g.), RHINO (101D. Something you might get a charge out of), SWEARER (69D. One calling foul?), TASTE BUD (1D. It may be on the tip of your tongue).


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