03.22.15 — Upsides

Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Upsides," Puzzle by Jeremy Newton / Edited by Will Shortz

Six sets of words, each achieving four broken across answers by playing off a single down word, clued by the separate CLIMBING / THE WALLS (38A. With 91-Across, super-antsy ... or like 24 Across answers in this puzzle?), constitutes the interrelated group of this overly complicated Sunday crossword:

WARTS (1D. Targets of some cryosurgery)
SAX (30A. Jazz band instrument)
ST LEO II (26A. Pope during the rule of Emperor Constantine IV)
STRONG DRINKS (22A. They can knock out lightweights)
STRAINED (18A. Like some muscles and baby food)
STRAW BALE (1A. Seat at a hoedown)

DEBUT (17D. It’s a first)
YOUTUBED (35A. Watched some online videos)
DAUBED (29A. Slapped on, as paint)
SHARE ONE’S BED (24A. Sleep [with])
BRAISED (21A. Like the veal in osso buco)
TV DAD (13A. Cliff Huxtable or Ward Cleaver)

TETON (52D. “Grand” mountain)
NOTE TO SELF (52A. “I must remember this for later …”)
NOT EVEN A LITTLE (61A. Opposite of totally)
NO TAX (65A. Nice thing about purchases in Delaware and Oregon)
NORTH (70A. Part of two state names)
NY SENATE (75A. Grp. that meets in Albany)

LIVER (60D. Source of bile)
LESSER EVIL (78A. It’s not so bad)
TASMANIIAN DEVIL (73A. Down Under marsupial)
ANVIL (69A. One getting hammered)
AVAIL (64A. Prove useful)
COLD MEAL (57A. Dinner that was prepared hours ago, say)

FACED (97D. Encountered)
DEPOT (117A. Stopping point)
DENUDES (113A. Strips bare)
DECISION TREE (109A. Chart for weighing options)
DECALS (103A. Model add-ons)
DECAF TEA (97A. Cupful before sleep, maybe)

DIARY (102D. Book before bedtime, maybe)
PANTY RAID (120A. Old-fashioned fraternity activity)
UNAFRAID (116A. Brave)
DIGESTIVE AID (111A. Food processor?)
LEGAL ID (107A. Driver’s license, but not a credit card, e.g.)
RED (101A. It’s at one end of a rainbow)

Other — DIE DOWN (15D. Subside), DRESS UP (84D. Get all decked out), HAS A SMOKE (10D. Lights up), LAP DOG (93D. Peke or Pom), MAMMAL (67A. Moose or mouse), NFL TEAM (48D. Eagles or Ravens), ODES (83A. Feats of Keats), PEACH PIE (99A, Popular dessert in Georgia), SCRAPHEAP (77D. Lot of junk), TMNT (45A. 2007 film featuring Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo), YO MAMA (35D. Kind of joke).


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