03.14.15 — The Saturday Crossword

"Animaniacs" Halloween


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Puzzle by James Mulhern / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — ANIMANIACS (15A. 1990s TV cartoon produced by Steven Spielberg), BAHA MEN (37A. Band with a 2000 Grammy-winning hit that’s on rolling Stone’s list of all-time “most annoying songs”), CARTWHEELS (61A. Things happy people do), EATEN ALIVE (56A. Mobbed by mosquitos), FINE-TUNED (13D. Well-calibrated), HARPISTS (38A. Ones pulling strings?), HARRUMPHS (32D. Expresses grumpily), LOBSTER BIB (1A. Tie one on at dinner), MACHINE WASH 26D. Put through cycles, in a way), MONEY TALKS (17A. “Cash is king”), SHAMWOW (35A. Infomercial product said to hold 12 times its weight in liquid), OMAN (23A. It’s found on the toe of a boot), SHELL GAME (12D. Certain subterfuge), TAYLOR SWIFT (5D. Singer/songwriter whose name anagrams to ART OF SLY WIT), WHAC-A-MOLE (31D. Metaphor for a tedious, futile effort), WOODSMAN (14D. Savior of Little Red Riding Hood).


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