03.13.15 — Out of the Blue

Paul Signac (French, 1863-1935), 
Les Diablerets (L’Oldenhorn et le Bécabesson), 1903


Friday, March 13, 2015

Puzzle by Victor Fleming / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Officers’ clip-ons, ID BADGES; 9. Apollo setting, HARLEM; 15. Tasseled topper, TARBOOSH; 16. Shaded ring, AREOLA; 17. Speech opener, often, ANECDOTE; 18. To know, in Nantes, SAVOIR; 19. Lower, LESS; 20. Unenlightened stretch, DARK AGES; 22. Dawn’s direction, in Dresden, OST; 23. Some firefighters’ equipment, RADIOS; 24. Hill people, for short, REPS; 27. Unexpectedly, OUT OF THE BLUE; 29. Sean ASTIN of “the Lord of the Rings”; 32. Pedal pusher, FOOT; 33. Face reddener, IRE; 34. “Tell me what you know!”, SPILL IT; 37. Like many ties, STRIPED; 39. Establish, SET; 40. Monkey on one’s back, ONUS; 42. Quartet in a cathedral, maybe, APSES; 43. 2008 crossover hit for the country duo Sugarland, ALL I WANT TO DO; 47. Matter in the Big Bang theory, YLEM; 48. “The Second Sex” author SIMONE de Beauvoir; 49. Paraguayan pronoun, ESA; 52. Indy front-runners?, PACE CARS; 54. A little off?, TRIM; 55. Chinese zodiac figure, DRAGON; 57. Room in back, say, REAR AREA; 59. Wood borers, AUGERS; 60. Holiday cakes with swirls, YULE LOGS; 61. DEE DEE Myers of the Clinton White House; 62. Pointillism features, SPECKLES.

Down — 1. ITALO-Abyssinian War; 2. Ninth-century invaders of East Anglia, DANES; 3. Home to the marine mega park Océanopolis,  BREST; 4. They’re elementary, ABCS; 5. Pentagon outfit, briefly, DOD; 6. Adept in, GOOD AT; 7. Luisiana or Misisipi, ESTADO; 8. Star role in many old films?, SHERIFF; 9. Isn’t out of the running, HAS A SHOT; 10. Limp as A RAG; 11. Addition to the mix, REVERB; 12. Tendency to be indiscreet, LOOSE LIPS; 13. Reuner in New Haven, ELI; 14. Sully, MAR; 21. Japanese zithers, KOTOS; 23. Be almost out, RUN LOW; 25. Strain to make?, PUREE; 26. Beginnings, SEEDS; 27. “The Starry Night,” e.g., OIL; 28. Fidelity alternative, E-TRADE; 29. Rock analysis, ASSAY; 30. One cast in a Harry Potter film, SPELL; 31. Place for an imprint, TITLE PAGE; 35. Kind of, IN A SENSE; 36. Viking garment, TUNIC; 38. Big business news, for short, IPO; 41. River draining Lake Superior, ST MARY’S; 44. Got a mental picture of, IMAGED; 45. Rent, TORE UP; 46. Discounted, ON SALE; 49. ERROL Morris who directed “The Unknown Known,” 2013; 50. Lengthy bout, SIEGE; 51. Opposite of deplete, AMASS; 53. Compulsory courses, CORE; 54. “Tell me what you know!” TALK; 55. Many a scoutmaster, DAD; 56. Cry over, say, RUE; 58. Sport, for short, REC.


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