03.06.15 — Crosses in a Zoo

Breeding of ligers has been banned in many zoos and animal sanctuaries due to no conservation value of the hybrid, and the risk it poses on the tigress that gives birth to it.   Keeping the two species separate has been standard procedure.  However, ligers do occur by accident in captivity. ~ Wikipedia 


Friday, March 6, 2015

Puzzle by David Phillips / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest  AFC SOUTH (1A Colts’ division, for short), CREPES (42A. Bistro orders), DEL TACO (24D. Fast-food chain with the slogan “Unfreshing believable”), DINOSAUR (37A. One unable to adapt), IT’S A DATE (56A. “Ill see you then!“), LIGERS (54A. Crosses in a zoo), LIZ TAYLOR and VIOLET (12D. “Success is a great deodorant” speaker, informally; 33A. Violet for 12-Down), MARINARA (15A. Dip for mozzarella sticks), PET NAMES (59A. Love handles?), PRIME RIB (17A. Upper cut?), RE-ENTER (25D. Come again?), RON REAGAN (31D. Former Air America radio host), SIDE SALAD (29D. Alternative to soup at a restaurant), SYCAMORES (14D. Divine trees n the “Book of the Dead”), TRUE LIES (61A. Schwarzenegger movie with an oxymoronic title).


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