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Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Making Connections", Puzzle by Dan Feyer
 Edited by Will Shortz

Adding “IN” to the start of familiar phrases resulting in unfamiliar ones constitutes the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword:

INLET LIE (23A. “You can never moor a boat here”?), e.g., LET LIE
INSURE ENOUGH (24a. Provide sufficient coverage from risk?)
INFIDEL CASTRO (39a. Atheistic Cuban leader?)
IN-BOX SEATS (46A. Desk chairs?)
INCAN OPENER (60A. Quechan “hello”?)
INJURY TAMPERING (67A. Removing a Band-Aid too early?)
INFIELD GOAL (74a. Covering first, second and third base?)
INDUCT TAPE (91A. Add to the Video Clip Hall of Fame?)
INFANCY PANTS (112A. Diapers?)
LINKEDIN (117A. Popular website whose name is a hint to this puzzle’s theme)

Other — B-SIDE (104A. Madonna’s “Into the Groove” originally), CAPERS (85A. Green deli stock), COIN FLIP (7D. 50-50 chance), CRIPS (33D. Bloods’ rivals), EGG DONOR (124A. Visitor to a fertility clinic), EYE EXAM (25D. Something you might get two 20s for?), FRISCO (9A. So-called Baghdad by the Bay), HIS HONOR (20A. Mayor’s title), HYPHEN (101A. Jack-in-the-box part), NIOBE (45A. Legendary weeper), PUSHBACK (84D. Resistance), QUACKS (32A. Some miracle drug pushers), SCARJO (102A. “Lucy” star in tabloids), SLUSHIE (96A. Drink that might cause brain freeze), SNEERING (121A. Disrespectful, in a way), TRI-TIP (98D. Bottom sirloin cut of beef), UNCARING (89D. Cold).


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