03.17.15 — Midterms

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 — Saint Patrick’s Day 

Puzzle by David Phillips / Edited by Will Shortz

MIDTERMS (56A. Some tests ... or what's found literally in 17-, 24-, 30-, 39- and 44-Across), e.g., TERM in the middle of five answers constitutes the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword:

LATER MAN (17A. “Catch ya on the flip side”)
UNDETERMINED (24A. Up in the air)
MASTERMIND (30A. Genius)
BUTTERMILK (39A. Ingredient in some pancake batter)
MONSTER MOVIE (44A. “Mothra vs. Godzilla,” e.g.)

Other  — AMAR’E (6D. Stoudemire of the N.B.A.), A AS IN APPLE (11D. Start of an alphabet book), BAILING OUT (27D. Rescuing financially), BATGIRL (39D. Barbara Gordon’s secret identity, in comics), CLOSE LOOK (12D. Inspection), LAIRD (36A. Scottish landowner), LA LA LA (16A. “I can’t he-e-ear you!“), MALAMUD (9D. Bernard who wrote “The Natural”), METRO AREA (30D. City plus suburbs), MOIST (40D. Dewy, e.g.), SOLVE (45D. Puzzle out).


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