10.26.13 — Acetic Acid

Acetic acid crystals…


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

In a word, unrewarding.

Across — 1. Domino’s bottom?, PIZZA CRUST; 11. Sing, BLAB; 15. Olympic Tower financier, ARI ONASSIS; 16. Roman marketplaces, FORA; 17. Lines to be cracked, CIPHER TEXT; 18. Something to hold down, FORT; 19. Asian silk center, ASSAM; 20. Giving no performances, DARK; 22. Aid in getting it together?, KIT; 23. Off-limits, NO-GO; 26. Al Fundy’s garage, e.g., MANCAVE; 28. Spot with a talking bear maybe: Abbr., PSA; 3. XII, perhaps, NOON; 33. Hallstrom, e.g., PELTER; 34. Sarah Palin called herself an average one, HOCKEY MOM; 37. How fresh paint glistens, WETLY; 38. “The Tourist” novelist OLEN Steinhauer; 39. Best final result, A-PLUS; 41. Literary character who says “I’ll chase him round Good Hope”, AHAB; 42. Kind of horoscope, NATAL; 44. Kids’ party game, HOT POTATO; 46. Bell heather and tree heath, ERICAS; 48. Topic in a world religious course, SECT; 49. Follower of Gore?, TEX; 50. Like some laptop keyboards, BACKLIT; 52. Minable material,, DATA; 54. Part of un glomo, ORA; 55. “I’ll send for you ANON”: Othello; 57. Record held for decades?, OLDIE; 61. Swimmer featured in the 2013 film “Blackfish”, ORCA; 63. Important stud farm visitors, BROOD MARES; 66. Ape’s lack, TAIL; 67. Pre-Raphaelite ideal, ITALIAN ART; 68. Bad side of literature?, HYDE; 69. Sings, NAMES NAMES.

Down — Spotted South American mammal, PACA; 2. The white surrounds it, IRIS; 3. 99+ things to Alaska?, ZIPS; 4. 2008 title role for Adam Sandler, ZOHAN; 5. Buttercup family member, ANEMONE; 6. See 8-Down, CAR; 7. Letter string, RST; 8. With 6-Down, old wheels, USED; 9. When hands are extended straight up and down, SIX AM; 10. It my be over a foot, T-STRAP; 11. Closest bud, briefly, BFF; 12. Head-turning cry, LOOK AT THAT; 13. Make a fashionable entrance?, ARRIVE LATE; 14. Its contents provide juice, BATTERY BOX; 21. Apprehended, KNEW; 24. Big name in Hispanic food, GOYA; 26. Juice, OOMPH; 27. Sports stud, CLEAT; 28. DC transformation location, PHONE BOOTH; 29. Collection of green panels, SOLAR ARRAY; 30. CH3COOH, ACETIC ACID; 32. Some pleas, briefly, NOLOS; 36. Flair, KNACK; 34. Like some colors and cornets, MUTED; 44. Grp. Concerned with feeding the kitty, SPCA; 45. Karaoke stand-in?, LA LA; 45. Raiser of dogs?, OTTOMAN; 47. Penalty box, to sports fans, SIN BIN; 51. Trattoria dessert, TORTA; 53. “32 Flavors” singer ALANA Davis, 1998; 56. “Barney Miller” Emmy winner NOAM Pitlik; 58. America’s basic monetary unit, DRAM; 59. French suffix with jardin, IERE; 50. Proposal figs., ESTS; 62. Draught ALE; 64. Jubilant cry, OLE; 65. Trash, DIS.


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