10.14.13 — U S Opens

Monday, October 14, 2013  Columbus Day 

Puzzle by Zhouqin Burnikel and D. Scott Nichols
Edited by Will Shortz

U S OPENS (43D. Annual tournaments … or a description of the starts of 16-, 20-, 37-, 53- and 60-Across), USAIN BOLT (16A. Jamaican sprinter nicknamed “The Fastest Man on Earth”), USUAL FARE (20A. Nothing daring in terms of offerings), USB PORT (37A. PC outlet), USERS FEES (53A. Service charges) and USHERED IN (60A. Heralded, as a new era) constitute the interrelated group of this woebegone Monday crossword.

Other — DANSK (46A. Brand of dinnerware with a Scandinavian design), ENIGMAS (4D. Mysteries), GAPE and TAPE, ISERE and LOIRE (49D. River of Grenoble, France; 11D. France’s longest river), MALL RAT (15D. Teen hanging out among shoppers), Glenn MILLER, Roger MOORE, OIL RIGS (41D. Structures in the Gulf of Mexico), PIANO BARS (3D. Nightspots for cocktails and easy listening), TALK RADIO (33D. Rush Limbaugh medium).


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