10.24.13 — Boomerang

Bolero dancer by Lautrec
Marcelle Lender in Chilperic, 1895


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

BOOMERANG EFFECT (36. Unwelcome reversal … or a title for this puzzle?), TWO-WAY TEERTS (5D. With 6-Down, mutual relationship), NEGATIVE KCABDEEF (9D. With 10-Down, critical comments), ELEVATOR ROTAREPO (37D. With 38-Down, one who may give you a life) and RETURN TEKCIT (46D. With 47-Down, means of getting home, maybe) constitute the interrelated group of this tricky Thursday crossword.

Other — BOLEROS (62A. Some slow dances), EGALITE (18A. One third of a French revolutionary’s cry), INK POTS (8A. Spots for dipping, once), ISOTOPE (60A. Uranium 235, e.g.), PIE HOLE (28A. Trap), SABINE (21A. Like the women in a famous Rubens painting), TANGOED (17A. Danced to Julio Sosa music, say).


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