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Twister and Checkers with a Flying Cow


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Puzzle by Robyn Weintraub / Edited by Will Shortz

BACK-TO-BACK GAMES (62A. Doubleheader … or what 17-, 29- and 48-Across are?), TWISTER CHECKERS (17A. Tornado monitors?), CLUE MONOPOLY (29A. What the only detective on a case has?) and SORRY OTHELLO (48A. What a remorseful Iago might have said?) constitute the interrelated group of this witty Wednesday crossword.

Other — “It AIN’T over till …“, CHIPMUNKS (3D. High-pitched group with a 1958 #1 hit, with “the”), GEORGE (43A. New British royal of 2013), GOOD COP (46D. Half a police interrogation team, maybe), NEIL SIMON (35D. “Lost in Yonkers” playwright), SARDINE (6D. Rush-hour subway rider) ...


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