10.04.13 — The Friday Crossword

Alla Kushner (Liela) dancing to Black Magic Woman by Santana


Friday, October 4, 2013

Puzzle by Bruce R. Sutphin / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Hall-of-Fame rock band or its lead musician, SANTANA; 6. It sends out lots of streams, NETFLIX; 15. Very long European link, CHUNNEL; 16. Rust or combust, OXIDATE; 17. It flies on demand, AIR TAXI; 18. Skunk, at times, SPRAYER; 19. Some P.D. personnel, LTS; 20. One who may be on your case, GUMSHOE; 22. The Spanish I love?, AMO; 23. What a couple of people can play, DUET; 25. Stand-out performances, SOLOS; 26. Chocolate bar with a long biscuit and caramel, TWIX; 27. Subject of the 2003 book “Power Failure”, ENRON; 29.Without hesitation, NOW; 30. Subsist on field rations, GRAZE; 31. Its flowers are very short-lived, DAY LILY; 33. Like a sawhorse’s legs, SPLAYED; 35. Critical, KEY; 36. Party staple, DIP; 37. Catered to Windows shoppers?, ETAILED; 41. Noodle taxers?, IQ TESTS; 45. Observes, NOTES; 46. Abbr. after 8-Across, INC; 48. Last band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alphabetically, ZZ TOP; 49. “The Hudsucker Proxy” director, 1994, COEN; 50. Columbia and the like, IVIES; 52. French river or department, EURE; 53. ‘AS I mentioned …”; 54. Images on some lab slides, AMOEBAS; 56. Lima-to-Bogotá dir., NNE; 57. Frankenstein, e.g., MONSTER; 59. Its passengers were revolting, AMISTAD; 61 Theodore Roosevelt, POTOMAC; 62. Destroyer destroyer, TORPEDO; 63. Colorful cooler, SNO CONE; 64. Makeover options, HAIRDOS.

Down — 1. Like some milk, SCALDED; 2. Sashimi staple, AHI TUNA; 3. Changing place, NURSERY; 4. Blockbuster?, TNT; 5. Mediums for dummies, say: Abbr., ANAG; 6. Where it all comes together?, NEXUS; 7. Ex amount?, ALIMONY; 8. Appointment disappointments, NO SHOWS; 9. Nationals, at one time, EXPOS;10. Flag, TIRE; 11. Tablet banner, say, briefly, FDA; 12. Reserve, LAYAWAY; 13. Inventory, ITEMIZE; 14. Duped, XEROXED; 21. Gradual, in some product names, SLO; 24. Giant in fantasy, TOLKIEN; 26. Bar that’s set very high, TRAPEZE; 28. Physicist NIELS Bohr; 30. Display on a red carpet, GLITZ; 32. Basic solution, LYE; 34. Without hesitation, in brief, PDQ; 37. Does some outdoor pitching?, ENCAMPS; 38. “Don’t joke about that yet!”, TOO SOON; 39. Took away bit by bit, ATE INTO; 40. Event occasioning 7-Down, DIVORCE; 41. Cryotherapy choice, ICE BATH; 42. Artificially small, STUNTED; 43. What might take up residence?, TORNADO; 44. Truncated trunks?, SPEEDOS; 47. Zero times, in Zwickau, NIE; 50. Back-pedaler’s words, I MEAN; 51. About 7% of it is American, SAMOA; 54. Vapor: Prefix, ATMO; 55. Apple assistant, SIRI; 58. Lib. Arts major, SOC; 59. Coral SPR (city near Oakland Pk, Fla.).


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