10.16.13 — HIS and HERS

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Puzzle by Samuel A. Donaldson / Edited by Will Shortz

THROW IN THE TOWEL (35A. Call it quits … with a hint to 17-, 23-, 48- and 56-Across), along with HIS and HERS found in four answers constitutes the interrelated group of this frivolous Wednesday crossword:

FLOOR MATHIS (17A. Blow away singer Johnny?)," floor mat" with HIS,  but what?
BACON FATHERS (23A. Boars?), "bacon fat" with HERS
HISPANIC ROOM (48A. Sala?), "panic room" with HIS
HERSHEY BABY (56A. Toddler raised on chocolate?), "hey baby" with HERS

Other — AL CAPP (1A. Creator of Fearless Fosdick), AROD (18D. Biogenesis scandal nickname), COHABITANT (28D. One sharing living space), HORSE SENSE (29D. Practical smarts), I CHOKED and I RAISED, PHREAK (5D. Telephone system hacker), SCARES AWAY (11D. Frightens off), TAFT (26D. Ex-president who swore in President Hoover), YOU ARE HERE (12D. Words on a 20-Across at a mall).


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