10.30.13 — Halloween Dinner

Panna Cotta (brain style) with Pomegranite Sauce ~ Susan Yang


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Puzzle by Joel Fagliano / Edited by Will Shortz

Five answers clued as “Part of a Halloween dinner?” constitute the interrelated group of this brainy day-before-Halloween Wednesday crossword  — SWEDISH FISH, JELLY BEANS, CANDY CORN, HOT TAMALES and TOOTSIE ROLL

Other edible and/or food-related items in the puzzle include CREME (34D. Thick, sweet liqueur), EGG salad, PESTOS (8D. Basic-based sauces), REESES Peanut Butter Cups, RISSOLE (40D. Savory deep-fried pastry), RYE BREAD  (6D. Deli loaf), a STEAMER (24A. Soft-shell clam) and TAHINIS (13D. Pastes used in Middle Eastern cuisine), along with CARLS JR (1D. Fast-food chain with a smiling star in its logo) and SAL (21D. Pizzeria owner in “Do the Right Thing“).


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