10.05.13 — The Saturday Crossword


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Puzzle by Byron Walden / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. It may provide closure in a tragedy, ACT FIVE; 8. Discarded, OFFCAST; 15. City named for Theodore Roosevelt’s vice president, FAIRBANKS ALASKA; 17. Word search technique?, FREE ASSOCIATION; 18. Webby Award winner who accepted saying “Please don’t recount this vote”, AL GORE; 19. With 11-Down, animal called “stubbin” by locals, MANX; 20. Nascar stat that rises under caution flags, MPG; 21. Diddly, BEANS; 22. Opening in he computer business?, PORT; 23. Bad thing to lose, MOJO; 24. Flights, LAMS; 25. Taste makers?, BUDS; 26. Has it bad for, so to speak, LOVES; 27. -i relative, ESE; 28. Largest city in Moravia, BRNO; 29. Mob member, informally, ROO; 30. Morale, ESPRIT DE CORPS; 35. Second in command?, AIM; 36. Cloverleaf section, RAMP; 37. Flat top, LID; 39. Blended dressing?, SKORT; 42. Shutter shutter, HASP; 43. Literally, “I do not wish to”, NOLO; 44. Sauna exhalations, AAHS; 45. Solomonic, SAGE; 46. Chewed the fat, JAWED; 47. Watson’s creator, IBM; 48. Lowest of the low?, ZERO; 49. Prankery, DUPING; 50. 1965 Beach Boys hit, DO YOU WANNA DANCE; 53. Mission, HOMELESS SHELTER; 54. Jason Mraz song that spent a record 75 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100, I’M YOURS; 55. Outcries, CLAMORS.

Down — 1. Outgoing, AFFABLE; 2. Lot arrangement, CAR LEASE; 3. Draws, TIE GAMES; 4. Some refrigerants, FREONS; 5. Reinforcement pieces, I BARS; 6. Mantel piece, VASE; 7. Nissan bumpers?, ENS; 8. Annual event since 1929, with “the” OSCARS; 9. Hard to pick up, FAINT; 10. Cigarette paper source, FLAX; 11. See 19-Across, CAT; 12. Author of 1980’s “The Annotated Gulliver’s Travels”, ASIMOV; 13. Macedonia’s capital, SKOPJE; 14. “El dia que me quieras” and others, TANGOS; 16. Large monitors, KOMODO DRAGONS; 22. Abandon one’s efforts, informally, PUNT; 23. “The Hound of the Baskervilles” backdrop, MOOR; 25. It’s around a cup, BRIM; 26. 1 Infinite LOOP (Address of Apple’s headquarters); 28. Dover soul, BRIT; 29. Force in red uniforms: Abbr., RCMP; 31. Course data, PARS; 32. Palliate, EASE; 33. Hit hard, as in an accident, PLOW INTO; 34. Tip used for icing, SILENCER; 38. They will be missed, DODGERS; 39. Lightly hailed?, SAID HI; 40. Major report, KABOOM; 41. “Yowza!”, OH MY MY; 42. Hound, HARASS; 43. Dresden decimator of 1945, NAPALM; 45. Something beyond the grate divide?, SEWER; 46. Herod’s realm, JUDEA; 48. 1879’s Anglo-ZULU War; 49. “Fantastic Mr. Fox” author, DAHL; 51. War on Poverty agcy., OEO; 52. Advisory grp. That includes the drug czar, NSC.


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Lynn said...

10/05/13 35 across
Second in command?

Aim = "Ready, aim, fire!"