10.03.13 — BB or Not BB


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Puzzle by Evan Birnholz / Edited by Will Shortz

Eight squares containing two letter B’s constitute the main feature of this thoughtful Thursday crossword.  Across is meant to be read “to be” and down “BB”:

  • SUCKS BB YOU (17A. “Good thing I don’t have the same problem!”) crossing HOBBIT (5D. Certain ring bearer)
  • BB A LOVER (21A. 1986 top 10 hit for Billy Idol) with FLUBBER (8D. Fictional substance in a Disney film)
  • SEEMS BB (3A. “Apparently”) with ABBOT (32D. Half of an old comedy team)
  • BB OR NOT BB (39A. That is the question) with ABBE (34D. Caen cleric) and EBBS (37D. Drifts away)
  • BRIDE BB (42A. One who may need a shower?) and ROBBERS (35D. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, e.g.)
  • BB HONEST (54A. “Truthfully …”) and BB GUN (54D. What’s not for big shots?)
  • BORN BB WILD (62A. Classic rock song in “Easy Rider”) with Mr. PIBB (53D.)

Other — ASKED IN (4D. Showed politeness at the front door); BRIEFED (57A. Brought up to speed); CHESS SET (44A. Holder of a pair of queens); DRYNESS (43D. Chardonnay feature); OPEN AREA (33A. Expanse); U.S.S. Enterprise chief engineer Geordi LA FORGE; PHOENIX (20A. River of film); SCREW IT (45D. “Whatever!”); SEANCES (24D. Events at which people are dead serious?).


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