10.08.13 — Repeats

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Words or phrases that are repeated for completion are cross-referenced in the clues in this Tuesday crossword:

CHOO (1A. With 1-Across, toy train)
PROMISES (21A. With 21-Across, “I’ll believe it when I see it!”)
BREAKER (23A. With 23-Across, Cber’s opening)
MONDAY (26A With 26-Across, #1 hit for the Mamas & the Papas)
LET IT SNOW (37A. With 37-Across and 37-Across,a holiday song)
HEAR YE (51A. With 51-Across,town crier’s cry)
SAME OLD (53A. With 53-Across, “Nothing’s changed”)
LOCATION (55A. With 55-Across and 55-Across, real-estate catchphrase)
MONY (70A. With 70-Across, #1 hit for Billy Idol)
CHA (1D. With 1-Down and 1-Down, lively Latin dance)
HAR (2D. With 2-down, “Ve-r-r-ry funny!”)
LATE (14D. With 14-Down, like some talk shows)
PETER (29D. With 29-Down, nursery rhyme starter)
AGAR (54D. With 54-Down, food gelling agent)
TIN (63D. With 63-Down, title boy in a 2011 Spielberg film)
HEY (64D. With 64-Down and 64-Down, Fat Albert’s catchphrase)

Other — COSMOS (9D. Universe), DRESDEN (10D. German city rebuilt after W.W. II), HELENA (60A. Montana’s capital), MYTHOS (47D. Collection of legends), OSTLERS (3D. Stable employees), RIO LOBO (43D. 1970 John Wayne western), THE OMEN (40D. 1976 horror film whose remake was released appropriately, on 6/6/06). WEE UNS (42A. Tots).


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Anonymous said...

I'm really getting old if Ron Ely is an "early Tarzan". Buster Crabbe was an early one. Johnny Weissmueller was a johnny come lately. Ron Ely? Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'd really like to know where Ron Ely got his haircuts in the jungle, not to mention his dental work.

Anonymous said...

Tarzan with Ron Ely was the stupidest show in the history of television. F Troop might have been, but it suffered from the disadvantage that it was supposed to be stupid, it just couldn't measure up to Tarzan with Ron Ely.