10.12.13 — L.H.O.O.Q.

The name of the piece, L.H.O.O.Q. (in French èl ache o o qu), is a pun, since the letters when pronounced in French form the sentence "Elle a chaud au cul", which can be roughly translated as "Her ass is hot", or more accurately "She is really horny". ~ Wikipedia


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Puzzle by John Farmer / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Angry missive, NASTYGRAM; 10. Body parts often targeted by masseurs, NAPES; 15. Trailing, IN THE REAR; 16. ORRIN Hatch in the upper house; 17. Chutes behind boats, PARASAILS; 18. Treaty of Sycamore Shoals negotiator, 1775, BOONE; 19. Taking forever, SLOW; 20. Antimissile plan, for short, SDI; 21. Part of Duchamp’s parody of th “Mona Lisa”, GOATEE; 22. Octane booster brand, STP; 24. San YSIDRO Calif. (border town opposite Tijuana); 26. Discount ticket letters, SRO; 29. In the main, USUALLY; 31. Stuffed bear voiced by Seth MacFarlane, TED; 34. Not likely to be a “cheese” lover?, CAMERA SHY; 36. Pens for tablets, STYLI; 38. Learn to live with, ADAPT TO; 39. Like the sound holes of a cello, F SHAPED; 41. 1966 Indy 500 champion, RAHAL; 42. Champion, PROPONENT; 44. Venetian mapmaker FRA Mauro; 45. Driver’s license requirement, EYE EXAM; 47. Portugal’s Palácio SÃO Bento; 48. What a movie villain often comes to, BAD END; 59. Faced, MET; 52. Enter as a mediator, STEP IN; 54. Tribe whose sun symbol is on the New Mexico flag, ZIA; 56. Grandson of Abraham, ESAU; 60. Roadster from Japan, MIATA; 61. Sites for shark sightings, POOL HALLS; 63. Gut trouble, ULCER; 64. Group in a star’s orbit, ENTOURAGE; 65. Disney Hal architect, GEHRY; 66. Sci-fi battle site, DEATH STAR.

Sia [Zia] buffalo dancer, circa 1925, Edward S. Curtis photo

Down — 1. Beats at the buzzer, say, NIPS; 2. Like a control freak, ANAL; 3. Houston ballplayer, in sports shorthand, STRO; 4. Spring events, THAWS; 5. Word spoken 90 times in Molly, YES; 6. Desperately tries to get, GRASPS AT; 7. “Criminal Minds” agent with an I.Q. of 187, REID; 8. Singer of the #1 single “Try Again,” 2000, ALIYAH; 9. Half a couple, MRS; 10. Vacancy clause?, NOBODY HOME; 11. Like the crowd at a campaign rally, AROAR; 12. Some mock-ups, PROTOTYPES; 13. One in a Kindergarten?, EINE; 14. Three-time All-Pro guard Chris SNEE; 21. Owen Wilson’s “Midnight in Paris” role, GIL; 23. Glenda Jackson/Ben Kingsley film scripted by Harold Pinter, TURTLE DIARY; 25. Cunning one, SLY FOX; 26. Wolf (down), SCARF; 27. RADAR gun; 28. Battle site of June 6, 1944, OMAHA BEACH; 30. Grand Slam event, U S OPEN; 32. John Pauls successor, ELENA; 33. Inflicted on, DID TO; 35. Green org., EPA; 37. Shade that fades, TAN; 40. Musical with a cow that’s catapulted over a castle, SPAMALOT; 43. Area inside the 20, in football, RED ZONE; 46. Appetite, YEN; 49. More likely, APTER; 51. Sadness symbolized, TEARS; 52. Complacent, SMUG; 53. Plaza square, maybe, TILE; 55. Least bit, IOTA; 57. Blind strip, SLAT; 58. Morsel for a guppy, ALGA; 59. One with a password, say, USER; 61. Street crosser, briefly, PED; 62. “You wanna run that by me again?”, HUH.


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