10.19.13 — Saturday Space

Space Jam, frame from the 1996 film.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Puzzle by Peter Wentz / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1980 new wave classic, WHIP IT; 7. 1996 hybrid animation/live-action film, SPACE JAM; 15. Cole HAMELS, 2008 World Series M.V.P.; 16. “Ahh” sloganeer, COCA COLA; 17. Juices, AMPS UP; 18. Hot numbers, HIT SONGS; 19. “Bait Car” channel, TRU TV; 20. Some hotels and old cars, OMNIS; 21. Lays flat, KOS; 22. It can precede masochism, SADO; 23. Kind of mile: Abbr., NAUT; 24. Location from which the phoenix rose, PYRE; 25. Ulan-UDE (city in Siberia); 26. Biographer biographies in “Poison Pen”, KITTY KELLEY; 29. Wear for Teddy Roosevelt, PINCE NEZ; 31. Amt. of copper, say, RDA; 32. Surmounted, GOT OVER; 33. Dirty Harry fired them, MAGNUMS; 37. Upstate N.Y. sch., RIT; 38. 1985 #1 whose video won six MTV Video Music Awards, TAKE ON ME; 39. Rhode Island cuisine specialty, JOHNNY CAKES; 43. Rapper with the 2000 single “Party Up (Up in Here)”, DMX; 44. “ANA’S Story” (2007 Jenna Bush book),; 45. Symbols of strength, OXEN; 46. Zales inventory, GEMS; 47. Give some juice, REV; 48. Benefits, HELPS; 50. Have thirds, gorge; 51. Jockey competitor, JOE BOXER; 53. Jin dynasty conqueror, MONGOL; 54. Female novelist whose real first name was Howard, ANNE RICE; 55. Rhyme for “drool” in a Dean Martin classic, FAZOOL; 56. Something between 49-Downs, REST STOP; 57. Out of alignment, AT ODDS.

An illustration from the original 1870 edition of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by author Jules Verne.  

Down — 1. “How’s it goin’, dawg?”, WHAT’S UP G; 2. Hobby with Q codes, HAM RADIO; 3. Fresh, IMPUDENT; 4. Gnocchi topper, PESTO; 5. “I LUV It” (2006 Young Jeezy single); 6. 100 metric drops: Abbr., TSP; 7. Dirt, in slang, SCHMUTZ; 8. Like the Simpson kids’ hair, POINTY; 9. Dramatic opening, ACT I; 10. Lewis CASS, loser to Zachary Taylor in 1848; 11. Prefix with tourism, ECO; 12. 1995-2013 senator from Arizona, JONKYL; 13. 1985-93 senator from Tennessee, AL GORE; 14. Raymond MASSEY who played Abraham Lincoln; 20. Cowboy feature, OATER; 23. What a leadfoot maybe, NINETY; 24. City that’s headquarters for Pizza Hut and J.C. Penney, PLANO; 26. Former Australian prime minister KEVIN Rudd; 27. Supposed sighting off the coast of Norway, KRAKEN; 28. Where faces meet, EDGES; 30. Tight shoe wearer’s woe, CORNS; 33. Mercury and Saturn, once, MAKES; 34. Follower of one nation?, UNDER GOD; 35. Soup line, MMMM GOOD; 36. Marketing mantra, SEX SELLS; 38. Return service, TAX PREP; 39. Sci-fi’s JAR JAR Binks; 40. Many an early tie, ONE ONE; 41. Safe spots, HAVENS; 42. First marketer of Cabbage Patch Kids, COLECO; 46. Outrageously freewheeling, GONZO; 48. HORS concours (unrivaled: Fr.); 49. Last file menu option, often, EXIT; 50. Bearded mountain dweller, GOAT; 52. Bit of action, BET; 53. Deg. from 37-Across, MFA.


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