10.18.13 — Word Play

Word Play Wosene Worke Kosrof


Friday, October 18, 2013

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1999 rap hit featuring Snoop Dogg, STILL D.R.E.; 9. “Sin City” actress, ALBA; 13. Classic TV family, CONEHEADS; 15. Represent, MEAN; 16. 45 degrees, for 1, ARC TANGENT; 18. Wild things?, OATS; 19. Puts on eBay again, RELISTS; 20. Cuban province where Castro was born, ORIENTE; 22. Zoological groups, FAUNAS; 23. Diamond deal, TWIN BILL; 24. Software plug-in, ADD-ON; 25. Mode of transportation in a 1969 #1 hit, JET PLANE; 26. Filmdom family name, COEN; 27. Israel’s Sea of GALILEE; 28. Silence fillers, ERS; 29. Informal name of the 45th state, DESERET; 30. Softball question, LOB; 33. Clean, now, DETOXED; 34. Songbird JONI Mitchell; 35. Turkey STEARNES, baseball Hall-of-Famer from the Negro leagues; 37. Breaks, TAMES; 38. They get tested, THEOREMS; 39. LIMBIC system, part of the brain that regulates emotion, behavior and long-term memory; 40. 2000s CBS sitcom, YES DEAR; 41. Sextet at Woodstock, SANTANA; 42. “El Condor PASA” (1970 Simon & Garfunkel hit); 43. Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin led it, LABOR PARTY; 45. Division d’une carte, ETAT; 46. Place of outdoor meditation, ZEN GARDEN; 47. Mock words of understanding, AH SO; 48. Price of an opera?, LEONTYNE.

I never counted my home runs. I hit so many, I never counted them, and I'll tell you why: If they didn't win a ball game, they didn't amount to anything. ~ Turkey Stearnes

Down — 1. Gangster nickname, SCARFACE; 2. “Carmen” figure, TOREADOR; 3. Covers, INCLUDES; 4. Share a secret with, LET IN ON; 5. From the Forbidden City, LHASAN; 6. Bad impressions?, DENTS; 7. Poverty, metaphorically, RAGS; 8. Dutch city ESE of Amsterdam, EDE; 9. Shape shifters?, AMOEBAE; 10. Try to hear better, maybe, LEAN IN; 11. Knock-down-drag-out, BATTLE; 12. First name in shooting, ANSEL; 14. Winter set, SNOW TIRES; 17. Didn’t make it home, say, TRIPLED; 21. Arm, INLET; 23. E-mail ancestors, TELEXES; 25. “Wordplay” vocalist, 2005, JASON MRAZ; 27. “In your dreams!”, GET REAL; 29. Mary DEARE (doomed ship); 30. Italian region that’s home to Milan, LOMBARDY; 31. Chances that a year ends with any particular digit, ONE IN TEN; 32. Florida’s Key BISCAYNE; 33. Musician who arranged the theme for “2001”, DEODATO, clue might more accurately state "a theme" rather than "the theme"; 34. Fruit-filled pastry, JAM TART; 35. Where to bury the hatchet?, SHEATH; 36. Olympic ice dancing gold medalist Virtue and others, TESSAS; 37. TIN PAN Alley; 38. Hypercompetitive, TYPE A; 39. About 40-60 beats per minute, LARGO; 41. Volume measure, SONE; 44. Volume measure, BEL.


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