01.04.14 — A Grain of Coal

Coastal exposure of the Point Aconi Seam exposed 
at Point Aconi, Nova Scotia.  16 May 2006. M. C. Rygel


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Puzzle by Kyle Dolan / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Like cork trees and flying lizards, ASIAN; 6. “Jersey Shore” housemate’s music-biz name, DJ PAULY D; 14. Jersey Shore vacation option, CONDO; 15. Big Dipper’s setting, GREAT BEAR; 16. One offering help in passing?, TUTOR; 17. Take up, LATCH ONTO; 18. See 34-Down, USER; 19. Where Lee Harvey Oswald was a lathe operator, MINSK; 20. City where some believe Cain and Abel are buried, ADEN; 21. Warden in drab clothes, PARK RANGER; 23 Take down with a charge, TASE; 24. Spring event in the Summer Olympics?, VAULT; 25. Setting that makes things right?, TAB; 27. Less agreeable, CRABBIER; 30. Be a lush, TIPPLE; 35. Chicken à la rey?, POLLO; 36. Buzzes, say, DOS; 38. Tiny amount GRAIN; 39. Was revolting?, ROSE UP; 41. Was a rocker?, TEETERED; 43. Tie TAC; 45. Up, ALOFT; 46. Hyperbola parts, ARCS; 50. House meeting place, THE CAPITOL; 54. Theoretical, MOOT; 55. Predictor of fame, DIXON; 56. Elasticity, GIVE; 57. School meeting places, AUDITORIA; 59. Photometry unit, LUMMEN; 60. Be an unhelpful interrogee, STONEWALL; 61. Lack life, AREN’T; 62. Life or death, SENTENCE; 63. Leaf part, VERSO.

Down — 1. Go on the fritz, ACT UP; 2. Monty Python theme composer, SOUSA; 3. Gaps, INTERVALS; 4. Like cute nerds, in slang, ADORKABLE; 5. “NOR did you nothing hear?”: Hamlet; 6. Stress, to Strauss, DRANG; 7. First-class regulars, JET SET; 8. Keeping buff?, PACK RAT; 9. Jock: Abbr., ATH; 10. Raider in the battle of the St. Lawrence, U-BOAT; 11. “LEND A Paw” (Oscar-winning Disney short); 12. “Eyewitness” director Peter YATES; 13. Hurdy-gurdy sound, DRONE; 15. Flashed, GLINTED; 19. Tuareg rebellion locale of 2012, MALI; 22. Erase, RUB OUT; 26. Three-ring setting, BIG TOP; 27. Some rescue work, CPR; 28. Neighbor of Rabbit, ROO; 29. Bunk, ROT; 31. Foreshadow, PREFIGURE; 32. One not getting benefits, say, PART-TIMER; 33. Make baloney?, LIE; 34. With 18-Across, software developer’s concern, END; 37. Constituent of molding sand SEA COAL; Touching scene at an airport?, PAT-DOWN; 42 Animation, ELAN; 44. European president who attended Harvard, CHIRAC; 46. Bank, AMASS; 47. Path, ROUTE; 48. One of 64 in a genetic table, CODON; 49. Piece of work, STINT; 51. Napoleon, notably, EXILE; 52. Where things may be heating up, OVENS; 53. Molto adagio, LENTO; 58. Bit of sportswear, TEE; 59. Head, LAV.


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