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The Librarian, a 1556 painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Friday, January 3, 2014

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk and Brad Wilber
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Bite-size sweet, PETIT FOUR; 10. Complains loudly, YAWPS; 15. Locomotive, IRON HORSE; 16. 1946 University of Pennsylvania invention, ENIAC; 17. 1950-’60s sitcom headliner, DONNA REED; 18. Instagram filter, SEPIA; 19. What many cats play, GIGS; 20. It’s snowy in Florida, EGRET; 22. Left, WENT; 23. Oxygen tent locale, briefly, ICU; 24. Home of Harpers Ferry: Abbr., W VA; 25. Flock member, EWE; 27. Literary adverb, OFT; 28. Dundee denial, NAE; 28. Nikkei unit, YEN; 30. Salmagundi, MIXTURE; 32. Prefix with phobia, ACRO; 33. Basilica honoree, ST PETER; 34. Former silkworms, MOTHS; 36. Time indicator, of sorts, TENSE; 37. Media giant that owns the Detroit Free Press, GANNETT; 39. 4-Down inventory, BEDS; 40. Gedda or Ghiaurov, NICOLAI; 41. “Cap’n ERI” (Joseph C. Lincoln novel); 42. “Phooey!”, BAH; 45. Singer who said “People make music to get a reaction”, ONO; 46. “Tastes terrific!”, MMM; 47. Actress AVA Gardner; 48. Oriole rival, RAY; 49. Junior senator from Texas, CRUZ; 51. Food whose name means “feathers”, PENNE; 53. Eatery, CAFÉ; 54. Nuclei, CORES; 56. Profession for Laura Bush before the White House, LIBRARIAN; 58. Rushed, HASTY; 59. “Cinderella” stepsister, ANASTASIA; 60. Perfect, IDEAL; 61. Type-A types, GO-GETTERS.

An old multi-stemmed wych elm in Glen Strathfarrar

Down  1. Linguistic 30-Across, PIDGIN; 2. Record glimpsed on Norman Bates’s Victrola, EROICA; 3. 1-Down, e.g., TONGUE; 4. Michelin Guide recommendations, INNS; 5. Lun THA (Tuptim’s beloved in “The King and I”); 6. Certain rate-hike circumvention, FOREVER STAMP; 7. Pizzeria supply, OREGANO; 8. One logging in, USER; 9. Cashes in, REDEEMS; 10. “YES on Prop …” (campaign sign); 11. Over, ANEW; 12. Many “Jackass” stunts, WIPEOUTS; 13. In a state of nirvana, PAIN-FREE; 14. Not stay together, SCATTER; 21. Online realm since 2006, TWITTERVERSE; 24. Common British Isles shader, WYCH ELM; 26. “Where you book matters” sloganeer, EXPEDIA; 31. Some Olympic coups, TENS 32. It’s 8 for O, AT NO; 34. Artery, MAIN ROAD; 35. Not going astray, ON COURSE; 37. Trattoria dish, GNOCCHI; 38. Delay, TIME LAG; 39. Midway missile, BEANBAG; 42. Cook, as Swiss steak, BRAISE; 43. Erle Stanley Gardner pseudonym, A A FAIR; 44. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, in “The Lion King”, HYENAS; 50. Fraternity letter, ZETA; 52. Hombre, once, NINO; 53. Techno- tack-on, CRAT; 55. Dict. Demarcation, SYL; 57. Sidebar requester: Abbr., ATT.


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