01.19.14 — Olden Goldies

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Puzzle by Dan Schoenholz / Edited by Will Shortz

Seven spoonerized titles of “golden oldie” songs accompanied by justifying clues constitutes the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword:

"Moby-Dick Swam Swiftly Round and Round the Wrecked Crew" 
Illustration of the final chase of Moby-Dick, 1902 

Other — AHAB and HARPOON (27A. Fictional user of a 21-Across; 21A. Weapon for 27-Across); DRY-SALT (94D. Cure, in a way); MELANIE (36A. Scarlett’s sister-in-law and best friend in “Gone With the Wind”); LOLITA (126A. About whom Nabokov said “She was like the composition of a beautiful puzzle - its composition and its solution at the same time”); NONWORD (60D. “Truthiness,“ e.g., before Stephen Colbert); ORR, OAR, OER and ORE; PIEBALD (17D. Spotted horse); SCARAB (1A. Egyptian resurrection symbol); SHEBANG (7D. Everything being considered); STRANDS (59A. DNA structure); TABORET (41D. Backless seat for one); TANNINS (48A. Chemical compounds in tea); and a couple of beers, Stella ARTOIS and STROHS (29A. Old “From one beer lover to another” sloganeer).


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