01.25.14 — Warm Bodies

Zombie Nicholas Hoult in the film “Warm Bodies”, 2013


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Puzzle by James Mulhern / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Body that doesn’t remain at rest?, ZOMBIE; 7. Having way too much on one’s plate, SWAMPED; 14. It’s not normal, ANOMALY; 16. Dismissive confession follower, SO SUE ME; 17. Start liking a lot, GET INTO; 18. Rare electee, WRITE-IN; 19. A TO B; 20. Ingredient in an Americano, SODA; 22. Like Fabergé eggs, DAINTY; 23. Repeated battle cry, TORA; 25. Megadyne fractions, NEWTONS; 27. Chef DiSpirito, ROCCO; 29. Dog it, LOAF; 30. Texts, e.g.: Abbr., MSGS; 34. “The Valley of Amazement” novelist, 2013, AMY TAN; 36. Org. for female shooters, LPGA;38. Inuit knife, ULU; 39. Writer of the ethnography “Germania”, TACITUS; 41. Get out of the blasted state?, SOBER UP; 43. What isn’t the small print?: Abbr., ENL; 44. Suffocating blanket, SMOG; 46. Get off the drive, say, DELETE; 47. Food factory stock, DYES; 48. Ninny, BOOB; 51. Utter, SHEER; 52. 20th-century treaty topic, TEST BAN; 55. Priceline possibilities, INNS; 56. Release, UNLOCK; 59. 2012 Pro Bowl player Chris SNEE; 61. Once-common “commonly”, OFT; 62. Game that can’t be played, RAIN-OUT; 64. She wrote “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands”, DR LAURA; 66. “Spread the happy” sloganeer, NUTELLA; 67. Queen’s weapon, STINGER; 68. Producing zip, STERILE; 69. Strips at a pageant, SASHES.

Down — 1. Given a 20 for food, say, ZAGAT-RATED; 2. Drink that often makes a person sick, ONE TOO MANY; 3. Road hog, MOTORCYCLE; 4. Record label abbr., BMI; 5. Johns of Britain, IANS; 6. John of Britain, ELTON; 7. Recife-to-Rio dir., SSW; 8. Bible, WORD OF GOD; 9. Like Huns, ASIAN; 10. Refusal to speak, MUTISM; 11. Flatten, as a rivet, PEEN; 12. Throw out, EMIT; 13. Keep from, DENY; 15. Demonstrate a wide range on  range?, YODEL; 21. Gone private?, AWOL; 24. Early CliffsNotes subheading, ACT I; 26. Restin’ piece?, TAPS; 28. Energy bar ingredients, OATS; 31. “You guessed it …”; SURE ENOUGH; 32. Like some diets that avoid pasta, GLUTEN-FREE; 33. People people, SUPERSTARS; 35. Ninny, NUMBSKULL; 37. Lincoln and others, ABES; 40. Diesel discharge, SOOT; 42. Primary and secondary, briefly, ELHI; 45. Bunches, GOBS; 48. Habitual high achiever?, STONER; 50. Label stable; BANDS; 53. C.D.C. concern, ECOLI; 54. “Phooey!”, NERTS; 58. Some heavy planters, URNS; 57. Like some flags: Abbr., NAUT; 58. Not full-bodied, LITE; 60. “Modern Gallantry” pen name, ELIA; 63. Swimming gold medalist Park TAE-hwan; 65. Key component: Abbr., ANS.


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