01.17.14 — The Other Friday Crossword

Isis (seated right) welcoming the Greek heroine Io as she is borne into Egypt on the shoulders of the personified Nile, as depicted in a Roman wall painting from Pompeii.


Friday 17, 2014 (crossword appearing in print)
Friday 24, 2014 (crossword appearing online)

A Note from The New York Times:  Because of a production error, the crossword that was published in Friday’s print issue, by Ian Livengood, was published in error.  The correct puzzle for this date, by Kevin G. Der, appeared online on Friday.  The Livengood puzzle will be published online next Friday and the Der puzzle will appear in print that day.

Puzzle by Ian Livengood / Edited by Will Shortz

A panorama of Uluru around sunset, showing its distinctive red coloration at dusk — Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia.

Across — 1. Frigid, ARCTIC; 7. Question at the door, WHO’S THAT; 15. Miss out at the board, WAHINE; 16. “Sup?”, HOW ARE YA; 17. Subject for a golf lesson, STANCE; 18. Emphatic approval, AMEN AMEN; 19. Petition, PLEA; 20. 51-Down and others: Abbr., RTES; 21. Nighttime, DARK; 23. Hunky-dory, A OK; 25. Birds in a clutch, HENS; 26. Group that no one on earth has ever joined, MILE HIGH CLUB; 29. Sun disk wearer, in myth, ISIS; 30. Petition, SUE; 31. “That’s quite enough!”, STOP IT; 35. Abridged, CONCISE; 37. “What’s it gonna be?”, YES OR NO; 38. Feature of a certain bandit, ONE ARM; 39. 20-Down, e.g., SUV; 40. Nut, KOOK; 41. What a nonconformist ignores, PEER PRESSURE; 44. “TRÈS magnifique!”; 46. Big employer in Hartford, Conn., AETNA; 47. Canal checker?: Abbr., DDS; 48. One who’s trustworthy?, HEIR; 49. Doesn’t just grab, AWES; 50. Green shade, LIME; 52. Public, as views, ESPOUSED; 54. Instruments played with mizraabs, SITARS; 56. “I’d like you to leave”, PLEASE GO; 57. Nips in the bud, AVERTS; 58. Bank guards?, SAND BAGS; 59. Ambush locale in Episode 1 of “The Lone Ranger”, CANYON.

Man wearing a Speedo.

Down — 1. “Cute” remarks, AWS; 2. Thallium sulfate, e.g., RAT POISON; 3. Figure out on the street?, CHALK LINE; 4. Stick with it, TINE; 5. One way to pay, IN CASH; 6. Civic leader?, CEE; 7. “Beg pardon?!”, WHAT THE; 8. Shop alternative, HOME EC; 9. Takes credit?, OWES; 10. Gabriel or Giorgio, SAN; 11. Basic library stock, TRADE BOOKS; 12. Iron-pumper, HE-MAN; 13. Australia’s AYERS Rock; 14. Lose a lot?, TANK; 20. Nissan ROGUE; 22. Italian friend, AMICO; 24. Question in a long-distance relationship, MISS ME; 25. Humble dwellings, HUTS; 27. Civil engineering safety feature, ESCAPE ROAD; 28. Square, in old slang, as indicated by forming a square with one’s hands, L SEVEN; 32. 1969 hit with the repeated lyric “Big wheel keep on turnin’”, PROUD MARY; 33. So that one can, IN ORDER TO; 34. Takes some hits, TOKES; 36. Red states, IRES; 37. Humble dwellings, YURTS; 39. Short trunks, SPEEDOS; 42. Possible protein shake ingredient, RAW EGG; 43. Sample in a swab test, SALIVA; 44. Weber per square meter, TESLA; 45. Turn red, say, RIPEN; 48. Drill bits, HEPS; 49. Away from port, ASEA; 51. Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Hwy., I TEN; 53. Kind of port, USB; 54. Pouch, SAC; 55. Frequent form request: Abbr., SSN.


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Anonymous said...

Uluru is also known as "Hanging Rock" because it can appear as a mirage at a distance and seem to be floating in air. A true incident is depicted in the movie "Picnic at Hanging Rock". Real spooky, never completely solved.

WhatThe? said...

I call shenanigans!

What the heck is a "HEP" in 48 down?

DONALD said...

I guess HEPS are like HEP, TWO, THREE, FOUR ...