01.02.14 — Endings

Stone wall at Frost's farm in Derry, New Hampshire,
which he describes in "Mending Wall."


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Puzzle by Todd Gross / Edited by Will Shortz

In this second-day-of-the-year Thursday crossword, “Vending machines,” “Mending Wall,” “bending the rules,” “fending for oneself” and “litigation pending” are to be assumed in MACHINES V (17A. Food or drink dispensers), WALL M (32A. Robert Frost poem that includes “Good fences make good neighbors”), THE RULES B (51A. Taking liberties), FOR ONESELF F (10D. Going without help) and LITIGATION P (24D. Future court case).

Other — AMATIVE (9D. Feeling romantic), DERR and DOERR, ENTENTE (38D. Diplomatic agreement), FRANCIS (40A. Pope who declared “I am a sinner.  This is the most accurate definition”), GROFÉ (43D. “Grand Canyon Suite” composer), LOVE CHILD (8D. 1968 #1 hit for the Supremes), MARINATED (30D. Softened up, in a way), PEANUTS (39D. Inconsequential stuff).


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