01.23.14 — Block

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Puzzle by Michael Hawkins / Edited by Will Shortz

A note accompanies this puzzle:  Although this puzzle can be solved in Across Lite, there are elements in the print version that cannot be duplicated electronically.  We recommend using the PDF for the best solving experience.

So, there are three squares containing the word BLOCK in this odd Thursday crossword. The puzzle contains wholly unnecessary numbering differences of the puzzle between the print and electronic versions.

However, to clarify same, the numbering of 23-, 39-, and 56-Across are omitted in the clues.  There are five double-word entries, starting or ending with the word BLOCK in a single unnumbered square.  The number designations that follow are from the electronic version:

NEW KID ON THE [BLOCK]ADE (20A. Member of a boy band with nine top 10 hits / Supply line cutter) — numbered 20A and 23A in print — with SUN [BLOCK]S OUT (9D. Beach bag item / Represses, as bad memories) — clues numbered 9D and 23D in print.

BUTCHER[BLOCK] PARTIES (34A. Kitchen counter option / Some street gatherings) — numbered 35A and 39A in print — with CINDER [BLOCK] QUOTES (15D. Building unit / Set-off chunks of text) — clues numbered 15D and 39D in print.

ICE [BLOCK]BUSTER MOVIE (51A. Bygone delivery / “Titanic” or “Avatar”) — numbered 53A and 56A in print — with CELL [BLOCK]AGE (37D. Cooler part / Obstruction) — clues numbered 37D and 56D in print.

Other — APOGEE (Zenith); DONALD (Daisy’s love); EDIBLE (Food item); FIENDS (Buffs); HERALDS (Royal messengers); NUDES (The Graces in Raphael’s “The Three Graces,“ e.g.); SEWERS (Settings for some escape scenes); SMIRK (Smug look); TUBE PAN (Angel food cake requirement).


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