01.09.14 — San Andreas Fault

San Andreas Fault


Thursday, January 9, 2014
Puzzle by Caleb Emmons / Edited by Will Shortz

SAN ANDREAS FAULT (7D. Site of slippage … both geographically and in this puzzle), along with a vertical break between the left and right sides of the puzzle is the main feature of this schizophrenic Thursday crossword.

The split words in descending order:  MESS, UTAH, TONI, BANANA PEEL (21A. You might slip on it), NYET, ARLO, BREA, ABROAD, PATCH OF ICE (48A. You might slip on it), RATE, SUER, ELMS and T-square.

Other — ENZYME (41A. Food processor?), MACH ONE (42D. The speed of sound), MUTANT (5D. Certain horror film villain), PEACH FUZZ (3D. Sign of puberty, maybe), RHESUS Factor, SUBDIVIDE (34D. Make pieces of pieces?), ZAPPA (D. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee with only one Top 40 hit).


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