01.10.14 — The Friday Crossword


Friday, January 10, 2014

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Attaché feature, ACCENT; 7. Lawrence KASDAN who co-wrote “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”; 13. Seat of Ireland’s County Kerry, TRALEE; 14. One of the former Barbary States, TRIPOLI; 15. Pride : lions :: MURDER : crows; 16. “Don’t get so worked up!”, CHILL OUT; 17. Ordered pair?, SIDE DISHES; 19. ARMS running; 20. Moving briskly, SPRY; 21. Public record?, CENSUS; 25. Not down with anything, WELL; 24. Deadeye, CRACK SHOT; 27. Surprised expression, I SAY; 28. Many old B films, OATERS; 29. Constant critic, NAG; 31. Leery of being noticed, maybe, SHY; 32 Decides on, OPTS FOR; 33. Symbol of liberty in the French Revolution, ELM; 34. Last course, often, PIE; 35. Domineering men, MACHOS; 36. Gridiron cry, HIKE; 37. They deliver on Sunday, PREACHERS; 38. Ideal world?, EDEN; 40. Sulking peevishly, IN A PET; 41. Underattended, say, DEAD; 42. Grocery staple, EGGS; 45. Tub accessory for the head, BATH PILLOW; 48. Old-fashioned promotions, PRINT ADS; 50. La to la, e.g., OCTAVE; 51. Common gathering in a public square, PIGEONS; 52. Bet, STAKED; 53. Menelaus’ kingdom, SPARTA; 54. Menorah inserts, TAPERS.

Down — 1. Bread boxes?, ATMS; 2. Common casino locale, CRUISE SHIP; 3. One who wants in on the deal, CARD PLAYER; 4. Aged, ELDERLY; 5. Emotionally demanding, NEEDY; 6. Dean’s “Lois & Clark” co-star, TERI; 7. Word puzzle popular since the 1930s, KRISS KROSS; 8. Bother, AIL; 9. Unspecific recipe quantity, SPLASH; 10. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a DOOR”: Milton Berle; 11. Diploma holder, for short, ALUM; 12. Tiny criticisms, NITS; 14. Ever since that time, THENCEFORTH; 16. Cribs, CHEAT SHEETS; 18. Brainstorming session aids, SCRATCH PADS; 22. Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty signatory, briefly, USSR; 23. Flimsy lock, WISP; 24. 1978 disco hit featuring the warning “Don’t fall in love”, COPACABANA; 25. Body of water belatedly added to the course of the Erie Canal, ONEIDA LAKE; 26. Discussed, TALKED OVER; 30. Mafioso foes, G-MEN; 32 Bahla Fort site, OMAN; 36. Clicker, of a sort, HEEL TAP; 38. Michael EISNER who once led Disney; 41. Decrees, DICTAS; 42. Omar EPPS of TV and film; 43. Clutch, GRIP; 44. Memory unit prefix, GIGA; 46. Diplomatic assignment, POST; 47. Joins, WEDS; 49. Unsteady walker, maybe, TOT.


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