01.21.14 — Word Loop

Encounter by M. C. Escher, 1944


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Puzzle by Todd Gross / Edited by Will Shortz

WORD / LOOP (1A. With 72-Across, what the answers on this puzzle’s perimeter form), e.g., WORD, WOOD, WOOT, TOOT, HOOT, HOOP, LOOP, LOOK, KOOK, COOK, CORK, CORD, constitutes the main feature of this Tuesday crossword:

The words of the loop with their clues:  1A. WORD; 5A. Beech and birch, WOOD; 9A. “Yay!,” in a text message, WOOT; 12D. Beep, TOOT; 31D. Knee-slapper, HOOT; 57D. Basketball target, HOOP; 72A. LOOP; 71. Take a gander, LOOK; 70A. Nutcase, KOOK; 58D. Diner employee, COOK; 32D. One may pop on New Year’s Eve, CORK; 13D. Telephone attachment, CORD.

Other — ADRIP and A TRIP; DEMISE (8D. Death); DREADED (4D. Like calls from bill collectors, typically); IMARET (21A. Turkish hospice); KEY WEST (48A. Florida home for Hemingway); NEUTRAL (46D. Car gear); NEWSWEEK (39D. Magazine launch of 1933 with a hyphen in its name); RE-ENACTS (19A. Performs, as historical scenes); RUPIAH (54A. Indonesian currency); SEXUAL relations; WE MADE IT (9D. Cry upon arrival); WILE E Coyote.


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