01.26.14 — Over and Under

Under Your Spell, Alan Wake 2013


Sunday, January 26, 2014

IT’S ALL RELATIVE, Puzzle by Daniel A. Finan
Edited by Will Shortz

In this irritating Sunday crossword, twelve vertical answers with cross-referenced clues appear in pairs assuming the implied words “under” or “over”:

[Under] A SPELL = BEWITCHED (3D. See 51-Down; 51D. 3-Down, relatively)
NO WAY JOSE = [Over] MY DEAD BODY (6D. See 73-Down; 73D. See 6-Down)
FEELING THE HEAT = [Under] THE GUN (12D. 93-Down, relatively; 93D. See 12-Down)
TALK TO YOU LATER = [Over] AND OUT (12D. 93-Down, relatively; 93D. See 12-Down)
SHELTERED = [Under] LOCK AND KEY (82D. 14-Down, relatively; 14D. See 82-Down)
EXCESSIVE = [Over] THE TOP (42D. 95-Down, relatively; 95D. See 42-Down)

Other — A LEG UP (117A. Some starting help); ANTONYM (119A. Love to hate?); BEHEADS (83A. Tops off?); DUMPED (121A. On the receiving end of a Dear John letter); KENNEDY (116A. Powell’s successor on the Supreme Court); LIBYANS (62A. “Back to the Future” villains); NEOGENE (40A. Period of the Cenozoic Era); OCCUPY (77A. Have troops in); SCATTER (25A. What players do at the start of a game of tag); SHERPA (21A. Summit planner); WARTHOG (92A. Source of ivory); WEASEL (24A. Untrustworthy sort); YOKUM (34A. Li‘l Abner‘s surname).


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