01.11.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Puzzle by Martin Ashwood-Smith / Edited by Will Shortz

Eight 15-letter answers constitutes the main feature of this Saturday crossword:

CANADA BLUE GRASS (1A. It has a close “Kentucky” cousin)
TRADITIONAL IRAS (16A. Tax deferral options)
NAVAL ENGAGEMENT (17A. Water gun fight?)
OBSCENE GESTURES (51A. They’re usually pixilated on TV)
POTASSIUM IODIDE (59A. Kelp is a natural source of it)
ELEPHANT TRAINER (60A. One who orders trunks to be moved?)
DENTAL ASSISTANT (61A. Member of a drill team?)

Other Across — 19. Nonprofessional, LAY; 20. “Thus weary of the world, away she HIES”: Shak.; 21. Burnable medium, briefly, CDR; 23. Slender runner, SKI; 25. One may remove grease with elbow grease, SOS PAD; 30. SC Johnson brand, RAID; 32. Does a Ludacris impersonation, RAPS; 34. Grid great Greasy, NEALE; 35. Not the least bit, IN NO WAY; 37. “That’s expensive!”, IT’S A LOT; 39. Sum symbol, SIGMA; 40. Rice alternative, ORZO; 42. Stop on Amtrak’s California Zephyr, RENO; 43. Dead player?, POSSUM; 45. Key contraction, O’ER; 46. SEX ed; 47. Larry KERT of the original “West Side Story”; 49. Went nowhere, SAT.

Down — U.P.S. deliveries: Abbr., CTNS; 2. Poor as A RAT (destitute); 3. Belly dancers’ bands?, NAVEL RINGS; 4. Native of Caprica on “Battlestar Galactica”, ADAMA; 5. Corker, DILLY; 6. Done to A TEE; 7. Alternatives to racks, BINS; 8. Sawmill supplier, LOG SHIP; 9. Fish in a dragon roll, UNAGI; 10. They have bills and appear on bills, EAGLES; 11. Renowned boxing gym in Brooklyn, GLEASON’S; 12. Outer limits, RIMS; 13. Diomedes speared him, ARES; 14. Having good balance, SANE; 15. They were retired in ‘03, SSTS; 21. Like new notes, CRISP; 22. Freshwater aquarium favorite, DANIO; 23. Many a dama: Abbr., SRA; 24. Deck, KAYO; 26. Brand, SEAR; 27. Renaissance composer of “Missa Papae Marcelli”, PALESTRINA; 28. How troglodytes live, ALONE; 29. Clean out, DETOX; 31. DiMaggio and others, DOMS; 33. Fitting decision, SIZE; 38. Wisconsin county or its seat, WAUKESHA; 38. A.L. East team, on scoreboards, TOR; 41. Really cheap shots?, ROTGUTS; 44. Monthly, MENSAL; 48. Spanish royal, REINA; 49. Attic promenades, STOAS; 50. Book review?, AUDIT; 51. Weigh-in section?, OP ED; 52. Woody trunk, BOLE; 53. Korean War-weapon, STEN; 54. Abbr. by Hook or by Cook, CAPT; 55. Drs. Often take over for them, EMTS; 56. iPhone talker, SIRI; 57. Fall scene, EDEN; 58. Fundació Joan Miró designer, SERT.


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