02.25.15 — Capitals

Nebraska Capitol Building by Ryan McGinnis, flickr


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Puzzle by Michae4l Shteyman / Edited by Will Shortz

Four midwest state capitals constitute the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword:

LANSING MICHIGAN (22A. Midwest capital #1)
LINCOLN NEBRASKA (37A. Midwest capital #2)
ST PAUL MINNESOTA (46A. Midwest capital #3)
DES MOINES IOWA (15D. Midwest capital #4)

Other — A AVERAGE (62A. Stellar student’s boast), AMEBAE and BEING (8A. Lives in a cell?; 11D. Life form), Trevor ARIZA of the N.B.A., CAN’T LOSE (17A. Guaranteed to succeed), CHART and ICU (51A. Location for patient information; 32A. Where to find some very sick individuals, for short), ENVOI (10D. Final stanza in a poem), Paavo NURMI, the Flying Finn of 1920s Olympics, ONE-EARED (14A. Like the praying mantis, anatomically [weird, but true]), RESIGN (7D. Terminate a contract … or extend it), ROLLED R (1A. Part of “rico” or “roja”), WRIST PAD (55A. Carpal tunnel syndrome preventer).


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