02.01.15 — This n' That


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Nine familiar three-word phrases (sum and substance, cough and wheeze, drag and drop, four and twenty, crack and peel, fish and chips, form and function, hair and makeup, war and peace) become two-word phrases when “and” is vocalized as “n” and attached to the first word, spelled and clued to suit, in this sweet Sunday crossword:

SUMMON SUBSTANCE (23A. Content of a demand to attend?)
COFFIN WHEEZE (32A. Freaky funeral noise?)
DRAGON DROP (49A. Dive from a fire-breathing creature?)
FOREIGN TWENTY (71A.Venti, vingt or zwanzig?)
KRAKEN PEEL (93A. Woe for a sunburned sea monster?)
FISSION CHIPS (110A. Intel products used at a nuclear facility?)
FOREMAN FUNCTION (119A. Overseeing a work crew, e.g.?)
HERON MAKEUP (17D. Feathers, point bill, long legs, etc.?)
WARREN PEACE (70D. Period when rabbits stop fighting?)

Paris and Oenone by James Smetham 

Other — ALCOPOP (38A. Smirnoff ice, e.g.); CAROL ALT (20A. Former Diet Pepsi spokesmodel); COON (32d. Garbage collector, informally?); DAVID LEAN (61A. “The Bridge on the River Kwai” director); DON IMUS (98D. Howard Stern rival); DRY BONES (62D. Skeletal enemy in Mario games); LEFT EYE (96D. What the jack of spades lacks); M AND M (30D. One with a colorful coat); Lake MARACAIBO, biggest lake in South America; NECTARINE (87D. Juicy fruit); OENONE (21A. Nymph jilted by Paris); RAVIOLI (28A. Square meal?); TIN CUP (118A. Beggar’s receptacle); YEMEN (53A. Al Qaeda stronghold).


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Trippop in Pa said...

2 down clue "three-vowel word that sounds like a fourth vowel" is incorrect. There are only 3 vowels in the answer: e,a, and u.

DONALD said...

Probably meaning that the three vowels together are pronounced as the vowel "o" -- or is it "u" ?