02.08.15 — Multifaceted

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

“Multifacted”, Puzzle by Jeremy Newton / Edited by Will Shortz

SET IN / STONE (52D. With 59-Down, permanent … or, literally a feature of the answers to the seven starred clues) along with the seven entries containing circled letters spelling out a STONE and uncircled crossing down answers spelling out "SET", constitutes the interrelated group of this pleasant but complicated Sunday crossword:

  • GARNER ATTENTION (22A. Get noticed), GARNET, along with SET found in TSETSE (8D. *Biter in Niger)
  • CRUISES BY (40A. Easily defeats, in sports), RUBY, along with SET in CHEESE TRAY (13D. *One making the rounds at a party, perhaps),
  • PONY EXPRESS (47A. Enterprise for which a 14-year-old Buffalo Bill worked), ONYX, along with SET in LATE ONSET (6D. *Like puberty at age 16)
  • GAME THE SYSTEM (67A. Exploit a loophole, say), AMETHYST, along with SET in ROSETTA (52D. “First spacecraft to orbit a comet [2014])
  • POP A WHEELIE (85A. Lean back and enjoy the ride?), OPAL, along with SET in SETTLES ON (81D. *Chooses in the end)
  • WATERGATE (96A. Washington landmark that lent its name to a Senate committee), AGATE, along with SET in LEASE TO OWN (73D. *Car dealership option)
  • QUARTER-SIZE HAIL (115A. Big fall from the sky?), QUARTZ, along with SET in UPSETS (99D. *Goals for underdogs).

Other — DISSING (34A. Knocking), IN A FUNK (76A. Feeling low), LIP BALMS (106A. Sticks in a purse?), NERF GUN (84D. Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster, for one), NOT A FAN (48D. Disapproving [of]), NYMPHOS (63D. Randy types), SILENT L (51D. What always comes in halves?), SPARSITY (5D. 5D. Short supply), ULULATION (120A. Wavering wail), YUMMIER (95D. More delish).


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