02.22.15 — Switch


Sunday, February 22, 2015

“Flip-Flops”, Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

In this tiresome Sunday crossword, lightly shaded squares (and none in the electronic version) indicate the portions of eight pairs of entries to be switched in order to make sense, both at their site, and relating to the entry/clue GOES UP AND DOWN (65A. What each group of shaded words in this puzzle does):
  • RECATCHAS and PURINA STAREOW (21A. Turnpike turnoffs [intimidate, in a way]; 24A. Pet food brand [recover lost ground]); e.g.,  REST AREAS and PURINA CAT CHOW — CATCH “UP“, STARE “DOWN”
  • SAENDRI and TLIEER-HEARTED (23A. Narrator of “Amadeus” [go to bed]; 26A. Compassionate [finally become]); SALIERI and TENDER-HEARTED — END “UP“, LIE “DOWN”
  • ELACTPAD and STALBOWITE (45A. Skateboarder’s safety item [salaam]; 53A. Point at the ceiling? [misbehave]; ELBOW PAD and STALACTITE  — BOW “DOWN”, ACT “UP”
  • ARUNUS and BDIEETTE (51A. Goodbyes [abate]; 55A. She’s not light-headed [amass]); ADIEUS and BRUNETTE — DIE “DOWN”, RUN ‘UP”
  • PRIMUSEG and NAPINA (83A. Activity done in front of a mirror [clearly define]; 89A. Upset stomach [consume]); PRIMPING and NAUSEA — USE “UP”, PIN “DOWN”
  • WARIDEAPER and STSTEPNT (85A. Office trash [resign]; 90A. Loud and harsh [start crowding the crotch]); WASTEPAPER and STRIDENT — STEP “DOWN”, RIDE “UP”
  • SELFRESTANTET and BRAINRS (109A. Control of one’s actions [fall in great quantities]; 117A. Converses à la Tracy and Hepburn [pay in advance]); SELF-RESTRAINT and BANTERS; ANTE “UP”; RAIN “DOWN”
  • SCROPMOUNTAIN and ATONEOLIS (114A. Granite dome in Georgia [moderate]; 119A. Athens landmark [arise]); STONE MOUNTAIN and ACROPOLIS — TONE “DOWN”; CROP “UP”
Other — COLIN Firth of “The King’s Speech”; DRUM OUT (19A. Expel, as from a club); DUPLEXES (67D. Divided houses); HONOREE (27D. Banquet V.I.P.‘s); LIBRA (59A. Cosmic balance?); “Taxi” character Elaine NARDO; PITFALL (91D. Unseen danger); TAPENADE (8D. Appetizer with pureed olives); TESLA (28A. City of Light creator at the 1893 World’s Fair); Actress TILDA Swinton; TWIT (38A. Ridicule)


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