02.04.15 — OUT

Bones in the Catacombs of Monastery of San Francisco, Lima, Peru


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Puzzle by Julian Lim / Edited by Will Shortz

Four common two-word phrases become three-word phrases by separating the  second syllable of the first word, “OUT”.  The result is then clued to suit the changed meaning, constituting the interrelated group of this fine Wednesday crossword:

CHECK OUT COUNTER (17A. Eye an election official?)
TAKE OUT ORDER (26A. Decimate a monastery’s occupants?)
LOOK OUT POINT (48A. Warning shouted to a lacrosse defenseman?)
WORK OUT ROUTINES (61A. Develop one’s comedy acts?)

Other — HOT PINK (47D. Popular color at Victoria’s Secret), IOTAS and MOTES (1D. Bitsy pieces; 15A. Specks), KAYOED (18D. Flattened), Muck and MIRE, REARS (22A. They may be paddled), SATURN (51A. Heavenly ring bearer?), SO SORRY (45D. “My bad”), TALL (26D. With one’s head in the clouds?).


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