02.21.15 — The Saturday Crossword

La Vie, 1903, Pablo Picasso


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Puzzle by Doug Peterson and Brad Wilber
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. It’s usually taken on a bus, CLASS TRIP; 10. Pact signed by Nixon, SALT I; 15. Nancy Drew never left hers behind, LATE TEENS; 16. Saw, AXIOM; 17. Needing no prop, in a way, OVEN READY; 18. Bait, TEMPT; 19. Org. in “Argo”, CIA; 20. It depicts a winged woman, EMMY; 21. Beyond that, MORE SO; 22. Not mussed, KEMPT; 24. Loads, for many: Abbr., SYN; 25. Constellation near Ursa Major, LEO; 26. Art film?, ACETATE; 30. Unleashes (on), SICS; 31. Who said “Power has to be insecure to be responsive”, RALPH NADER; 34. Brute, OGRE; 35. Observe, OBEY; 36. Tip-offs, CLUES; 37. It may be thrown in the mix, CHEX; 38. Take off, SOAR; 39. Animated character who’s five apples tall, HELLO KITTY; 41. “Truth n engineering” sloganeer, AUDI; 42. Where the waves come in?, ANTENNA; 43. Dairy case units: Abbr., PTS; 44. Was taken in, BIT; 45. Stay a step ahead of, ELUDE; 49. Secure, ATTAIN; 51. Place for a rivulet, DALE; 54. Part of HUD: Abbr., DEV; 55. Diamond, e.g., RHOMB; 56. Triton, to Neptune, SATELLITE; 58. Reisz who directed “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”, KAREL; 59. Crowd, CLOSE IN ON; 60. “Make someone Happy” composer, STYNE; 61. It connects two pages, HYPERTEXT.

Down — 1. Slug, CLOCK; 2. Allegorical painting from Picasso’s Blue Period, LA VIE; 3. Field standouts, A TEAM; 4. Paul, for one: Abbr., SEN; 5. Exhibit plasticity, STRETCH; 6. Be present in large quantity, TEEM; 7. Widen, as a gun barrel, REAM; 8. Ark finder, familiarly, INDY; 9. University course, for short, PSY; 10. Delayed, in a way, SAT ON; 11. Woodcutter, AXER; 12. Star’s spot, LIMELIGHT; 13. Phrase often stamped in red, TOP SECRET; 14. #1 hit on the soundtracks for “Grumpy Old Men” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, I’M TOO SEXY; 21. Former Miss America who ran for the U.S. Senate in 1980, MYERSON; 23. Early writing materials, PAPYRI; 24. “Fifty Shades of Grey” protagonist, STEELE; 27. Fetter, ENCHAIN; 28. Facility, TALENT; 29. Mature, ADULT; 30. Bee, e.g., SOCIAL; 31. She wouldn’t take an affront sitting down, ROSA PARKS; 32. “Since you asked …”, ABOUT THAT; 33. It gets attention when it runs, LEAD STORY; 40. Prie-dieu feature, KNEELER; 44. BIBLE Belt; 46. Italian city near the Slovenian border, UDINE; 47. Users may enter it, DETOX; 48. 1-Across, for one, EVENT; 50. Famous last word, AMEN; 51. New Year’s Eve ball-drop commentator beginning n 2003, DALY; 52. Crowning, ATOP; 53. Un crime de LESE-humanité; 56. Duke, e.g.: Abbr., SCH; 57. University course, for short, LIT.


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