02.02.15 — The Big Apple

New York skyline at night, Chad Gayle


Monday, February 2, 2015 Groundhog Day 

Puzzle by Jeffrey Wechsler / Edited by Will Shortz

THE  BIG APPLE  (34A. Empire State Building locale … or a hint to three letters in 16-, 19-, 52- and 57-Across) and "NYC" found in four answers constitutes the main feature of this perfectly friendly Monday crossword:

TONY CURTIS (14A. “Some Like It Hot” actor)
DESTINY CALLS (19A. “I must do this”)
FELONY CHARGE (52A. Indictment for a serious offense)
COMPANY CAR (57A. Executive’s free “wheels”)

Other BUDDY COP (35D. Kind of film exemplified by “Lethal Weapon”), EASY CLIP (9D. Unhurried pace), JON SEDA (12D. Actor on “Homicide: Life on the Street” and “Chicago P.D.”), JUMBO (1A. Egg size larger than large), VOWELS (47A. Aioli, mostly), UDON (40A. Thick Japanese noodle), WAFFLES (38D. Dimpled breakfast items), WHAT’S MY LINE (23D. TV show that popularized the phrase “Is it bigger than a breadbox?”), WOULD WE EVER (10D. Eager reply to “You guys want to come?”), YEAST (30A. What a baker gets a rise out of?).


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