02.19.15 — Loops


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Puzzle by Jason Finn / Edited by Will Shortz

Three answers that have letters forming LOOPS (51A. What the paths of three answers in this puzzle include) that spell out the solutions constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword:

PAPER AIRPLANE (26A. Classroom projectile)
ROLLER COASTER (60A. Theme park part)
SHOELACE (62A. It may be on the tip of the tongue)

Other — ARMANA and ASWAN (2D. Archaeological site along the Nile; 5A. City that supplied granite for Egyptian monuments), ANNA SUI (27D. Chinese-American fashion icon), ATYPICAL (8D. Anomalous), BIT COIN (4D. Digital currency), DOTCOM (1D. Kind of bubble), FIRE AWAY (11D. “I’ll take your questions now”), GOES BAD (47D. Sours), LAE (28D. Pacific port from which Amelia Earhart left on her last and fatal flight), NAUSEATE (34A. Disgust), NO AIR (9D. Asphyxiation cause), OCTAVO (52D. Book size), R CRUMB (50D. “Keep on Truckin’” cartoonist), SENNA (48A. Plant used in herbal remedies), WENT COLD (38D. Disappeared, as a trail).

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