02.26.15 — Half...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Puzzle by Caleb Emmons

Four answers completed by interpolating the word “half” before the last word and imagining the completion of the second half of the last word constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword:

KENNEDY DOL (17A. Coin first minted in 1964), e.g., half-dollar
FLYING AT MA (54A. Signaling remembrance, in a way), half mast
GOING OFF COC (10D. Acting rashly), half-cocked
SUPER BOWL TI (24D. Occasion for a much-hyped performance), halftime

Other — Soap star Deborah ADAIR, ANNO mundi, ARISTOTLE (32D. “Poetics” author), CC’ING (40A. Keeping in the loop, in a way), EELED (13D. Tried to catch some fish), FUNNY FARM (1A. Crazy place?), HOODWINK (8D. Tricks), JACKO (36A. Tabloid nickname of the ‘80s), MOLOTOV (43A. Eponymous Soviet minister of foreign affairs), PENSACOLA (3D. Southern city that calls itself “America’s First Settlement” [1559]), REDS (60A. Six crayons in a Crayola 64 box), STARBUCKS (18A. Company with a lot of bean counters?), WAGGLED (25A. “Danced“ like a bee).


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