02.07.15 — Moon Over Miami

Moon Over Miami, Coral Morphologic


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Puzzle by Byron Walden / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — ALTAIR IV (30D. The planet in the sci-fi classic “Forbidden Planet”), BOB KERREY (28D. Former senator and presidential candidate who once dated Debra Winger), BROUHAHA (18A. Hurly-burly), DESI ARNAZ JR (44A. Ball boy?), EASY ACES (7A. Hit radio comedy about a bridge-playing couple), ENGINEMEN (6D. Some Navy specialists), EM DASH (49A. Part of a suspended sentence), GRABLE (1A. Ameche’s “Moon Over Miami” co-star, 1941), GRIPPE (1D. Producer of a cough and shivers), HI-LITER (34D. Avery product for note-takers), LONDON AREA (5D. Wimbledon is played in it), PERSONAL AD (22A. Where “Desperately Seeking Susan” appears in the film of that name), PH INDICATOR (19A. Red cabbage juice, in chemistry class), PIZZAS (37D. Holders of pieces of eight?), PRICE CUT (45A. Attempt to spur demand), RAZZES (47A. Rides), RUCHED (2D. Decoratively pleated and gathered, as some bridal gowns), SEA GLASS (14D. Reclaimed material used in jewelry), SNOOD (9D. Hair holder), TRIBAL NAME (26D. Madiba, for Nelson Mandela), TV DINNER (30A. Banquet offering), WEAK SPOT (29D. Foible).


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